Practice Areas

Our office focuses on civil litigation involving business disputes, employment law, and personal injury, but also provides additional services as clients’ needs arise. These additional services include business formation and other transactional services such as contract drafting and review.

Business Litigation

Small businesses are challenged with the complexities of larger businesses coupled with the relationships of close business partners. Unfortunately, these challenges often end up in court and our office is here to help.

Whether your business is dealing with internal disputes, external threats of legal action, or has been defrauded by a third party, we will help find a solution. Our office will develop a strategy that focuses on reaching a resolution as cost effectively as possible.

Employment Law

California has robust legal protections for employees. Our office assists businesses in complying with these laws, but also represents employees whose rights have been violated or have been wrongfully terminated. Some of the issues that arise include:

  • Meal and rest periods
  • Deductions from employee pay checks
  • Overtime
  • Misclassification of employees or independent contractors
  • Whistleblowers and retaliatory terminations
  • Discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability
Personal Injury

If you have been wrongfully injured, physically or psychologically, you are likely entitled to some kind of compensation. We fight to ensure that you receive everything to which you are entitled.

Injuries arise from car accidents, big and small. Injuries also arise from the negligent maintenance property or from the intentional acts of others, such as physical assaults. Contact our office for a free consultation.


In civil and criminal cases, judges sometimes make erroneous decisions. Knowing whether to appeal a decision and understanding the procedure to appeal requires a distinct analysis from that required in the underlying case. Appeals also require a more refined writing style than that which is often seen in the trial courts. Our office is regularly engaged in appellate cases in the Fifth and Third District Courts of Appeal.

If you are an attorney who is looking for assistance in an appeal, please contact our office. We also assist criminal defendants who wish to appeal adverse rulings.